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  So after we received our passports stamped by the Casablanca Airport police borders, we had time to look for a car. that will escort us during all the journey. We were rolled from one rent office to another until we come to Mister Mohammed Hashimi from Majestic Easy Car
212 22 949450, 212 22947515 GSM, 061 040877, cellular. the first car he offered us was Renault Cleo Classic for 500 Dirham per day. I was not very excited from the car in spite of that I did not saw it. Simply I remembered that the seats  on the rear are quite dense {small space}, not for long ago i was looking to buy new vehicle and i saw this brand name and this was the reason did not buy it. for 4 adults travelers and 6 suitcases {bags} thought long travel i think you need very comfortable vehicle. so the next car was offered me to take was Toyota Corolla for 550 Dirham per day.  free mileage. i negotiate to 500 Dirhams and I requested to see the car.  The Toyota Corolla indeed seems to be quite more spacious on the back, with manual transmission gear. but most of cars rented in Morocco are. We agreed on all other conditions {terms} such as the payment, insurance, deductible. finally at the end i paid him all in advance for the renting in spite of that he agreed to receive half in advance and half at the end of the renting. i am not sure it was smart for me. but as the dollar was going down everyday i preferred not to hold money and maybe pay more later.  

deductible insurance
This is a very problematic issue. He {Mr. Hashimi} from the renting office wanted me a signed debit on my credit card for 1000 euro For the event of theft or car accident. well i was quite feared from it.  Also in the matter of injury and all thing that can happened to the car.  he said that there is not a problem and i don't have to worry as long as i will enclose a report from the police in the event. I hope that the next time I will not agree to sign on anything. If there is not a full deductible insurance, why I need to sign on something at all all the agreements was by heart we did not signed on agreement that was as i wanted. this  annoyed and tranquility of me the hall journey. I hope that in the an other time either I will record his promises of the negotiation or that I will enclose my page to the agreements in my formulation. In short with all the apprehensions at the end nothing happened. But this phobic steady feeling that escorts you all the trip. I received the vehicle clean but without a drop of fuel, I was worried to fill immediately in the departure from the airport Mohammed that is fifth 30 km approximately from the city of Casablanca. 
so you maybe ask me a question is it worthwhile to travel independent  in Morocco, to self driving. even now in retrospect I don't have answer to the matter.  
The driving in the cities of morocco it's really dangerous
, all the laws are  for recommendation only. and all the people and drivers drive on the edge of the border of almost accident. In all junction  there is only one road sign or traffic light on the right side that hardly can be seen, the pedestrians  in most of the cases does not really care about the stop light and also if there is, they pass when it seem to them that it's possible to cross even during that cars are passing . not speaking on one pedestrian i am speaking by the clans. it is interesting that in Morocco there are big amount of people in the streets. it is significant seems that all of them outdoor. the people don't want stay at home. If you are looking to donate an rv, you should begin by calling a donation service to assist you. For more info about donate my car, the world wide web can be a great resource. No matter if you are seeking a Chicago car donation company, a San Fransisco car donation service, or a New York truck donation service, we want to help you!

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